PU RB 102   Pour In Place Binder

PU RB 102 Pour In Place Binder

Akfix PU RB 102 is a one component, UV stability enhanced polyurethane binder which cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture. It is 100% solids, low viscosity and produces an elastic membrane with excellent adhesion to recycled rubber granules. This is our slow curing speed binder which is primarily used in pour in place applications where humidity is in the %50- %80 and temperatures is in the 20-35 °C.


  • One component
  • Excellent adhesion on rubber
  • Enhanced UV stability
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Moisture cure
  • Solvent free
Сфера застосування
  • Parks
  • Children and school playgrounds
  • Running tracks and walkways
  • Sport facilities
  • Outdoor recreation areas
  • Synthetic surfaces

Складской кодКод продуктаТип/цветОбъемШтук в ящикеBarcode
PURB102.220PU RB 102Amber220 kg drums1--

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