PU DF25  2K Polyurethane Dilatation Filler

PU DF25 2K Polyurethane Dilatation Filler

AKFIX DF 25, self-leveling polyurethane sealant ideal for horizontal applications. Its elasticity allows it to absorb continual movements of the structure caused by thermal changes without problems of cracking.


  • Two component
  • Easy to mix
  • Fast cure
  • Self-leveling consistency, easy to apply in horizontal joints
  • Possesses permanent elasticity
  • High adhesion strength
  • Capable of ±25% joint movement
  • Paintable
Сфера застосування
  • Used for sealing of horizontal joints
  • Interior and exterior
  • Expansion joints between many different construction materials
  • Industrial floors
  • Driveways/Garages
  • Sidewalks

Складской кодКод продуктаТип/цветОбъемШтук в ящикеBarcode
DF2501.06PU DF25White9 kg set (6 + 3 kg)1--
DF2505.06PU DF25Grey9 kg set (6 + 3 kg)1--
DF2505.06PU DF25Grey9 kg set (6 + 3 kg)1--

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