Polyurea Fx 1044 (Enhanced Flexıbılıty)

Polyurea Fx 1044 (Enhanced Flexıbılıty)

Akfix POLYUREA FX 1044 is a very fast curing, two component and elastomeric pure polyurea system. In addition to having basic properties of polyurea systems properties, it has a lot more elasticity to be able to use where elasticity is essential like in metal roof and geotextile coatings. It can be used with confidence in both interior and exterior applications. The material must be applied utilizing high pressure, heated plural component spray proportioning equipment.


  • Excellent flexibility and elongation
  • Fast reactivity and fast return to service time
  • Seamless coating
  • 100% solid, VOC free, no solvents
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very good tensile and structural strength
  • Excellent adhesion on concrete, steel, aluminum, plastics, fibers, wood, foam etc.
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Excellent crack bridging properties
  • Temperature and moisture insensitive
  • UV, chlorine and saltwater resistant
  • Variable application thickness is possible
  • Broad color spectrum
Сфера застосування

General waterproofing applications where high flexibility necessary as:

  • Pools and storage tanks
  • Roofs, terraces and garages
  • Geotextile coating
  • Decorative applications
  • Water and amusement parks

Складской кодКод продуктаТип/цветОбъемШтук в ящикеBarcode
---200 kg1Barrel (Amine component)-
---225 kg1Barrel (Iso component)-

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