Polyurea 1045 (Eco Pure)

Polyurea 1045 (Eco Pure)

AKFIX Polyurea 1045 is a very fast set, rapid curing, flexible, two component, aromatic pure polyurea coating system derived from a reaction of an isocyanate prepolymer and an amine terminated resin blend. The system is designed as a waterproofing and floor protective coating for concrete, metal, wood, ceramic, geotextile and PU foam substrates. The material must be applied utilizing high pressure, heated plural component spray proportioning equipment.


  • Fast reactivity and fast return to service time
  • Seamless coating
  • 100 %solid, VOC free, no odour
  • Very good tensile and structural strength
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion on concrete, steel, aluminium, plastics, fibres, wood, foam etc.
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Temperature and moisture insensitive
  • UV, chlorine and saltwater resistant
  • Variable application thickness possible
  • Broad colour spectrum
Сфера застосування
  • General waterproofing and anticorrosion applications– tanks, pools, swimming pools, ponds, pipes, pipelines, waste water treatments, manholes and sewer linings, roof, balcony and terrace coatings.
  • Floors– industrial floors, hospitals, factories
  • Construction– roads , bridge decks, airports, line striping.
  • Marine industry– ship’s underwater part and ship’s decks protection and ship docks
  • Leisure industry– water parks, aquariums linings, playgrounds and decorative applications
  • On thermal insulation products for waterproofing (polyurethane foam, EPS, XPS etc.)

Складской кодКод продуктаТип/цветОбъемШтук в ящикеBarcode
---200 kg1Barrel (Amine component)-
---225 kg1Barrel (Iso component)-

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